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It was beautiful to see the island castle in full though, compared to just a few interiors when Stannis ran the place.It has HUGE significance for Dany.*HISTORY RANT*Dragonstone is not only the ancestral home of House Targaryen, fashioned in the styles of old Valyria before the collapse; it is the birthplace of Dany.It turned out that I was to be groomed and sexually abused over many months.He told me that he selected girls for awards at the competition on the basis of their looks.

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It's so good to have Rory Mc Cann back as Sandor Clegane and putting in a solid effort for Best Offseason Beard to boot. Now that they're gone I feel we're just biding time until she collapses in on herself. PETE: That went so well the last time people started offering them to Cersei!Then Aegon the Conqueror turned his attention (and dragons) towards uniting the Seven Kingdoms and forging the Iron Throne from the blades of his enemies. PETE: "I don't plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me. DAN: Sansa's undermining while the King is speaking. A whole lotta Freys plus our lunch while we watched Sam clean chamber pots.