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15-Jun-2017 16:00

I will continue to make sure everyone is aware of the horrible experience I had.

Not that it will make a dent in Amazon, but any place worth anything should care about treating their customers right and respecting them and their time.

We are right on the lake, have direct access to Rte 2 and close access to Ohio turnpike for shipping, traveling, etc. Take a look at our area and consider joining us here in Port Clinton Ohio. Reply I ordered a book from Amazon and I am now 16 days from the time tracking said it was “on the way” from Cincinnati to Mt. I have callled the US postal system without any help. I followed Amazon’s instructions by contacting the third party seller, to which I received no reply (twice).

Nor could Amazon get a response, but still denied my a refund because of time passage in August.

Much easier to deal with contractors, unions, and government officials in the State of Arkansas. Reply I am having an issue with Amazon and it’s A to Zero policy, it is apparent to me that A stands for Ahhhhh and Z for Zero Help.

Reply I am writing as kind of a grass roots effort to attract your business warehouse or corporate site to our area in Ohio. We have a great industrial park that would be a great site for another location for you. I could have WALKED to Cincinnati to get my package! I purchased a gift in April for my daughter, which I gave in late May or June, guess what it was defective.

Labor is cheaper in the South and Blytheville is within driving distance several major metropolitan populations.

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In recent years, the company has grown rapidly with the release of the Kindle, Kindle Fire and other tablet and e-reader devices. Tagged as: amazon corporate address, amazon corporate headquarters, amazon corporate office, amazon corporate office address, amazon corporate office email, amazon corporate office fax, amazon corporate office phone number, amazon headquarters, amazon main office, corporate office, headquarters amazon is despicable. Waterproof…Water-Resistant…my thought…what a perfect gift for her and my newest grandchild.

In 1996, the company reincorporated in Delaware and in 1997 had its IPO. Instead I received emails saying I was getting refunds on two incorrect orders that i’m pleased with.