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I am very curious as to whether your MIJ there is a solid wood or ply?I could very certainly be wrong, but I would bet a shiny penny it's ply...Whether this is simply due to the wood used or how the respective instruments were taken care of, I can't really say specifically but the '92 MIK was clearly an inexpensive entry level guitar where as my '85 MIJ is a very serious instrument.Now I do have to add here that Fuji Gen does have a well earned reputation for making very good instruments.

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If you want to see a 1987 MIJ Squire E series Stratocaster, take a look at mine.

it is all stock except for the entire tremelo bridge assembly.

The original was rusted too badly to use, so was replaced by a GFS vintage bent steel saddle model.

While the name isn't as familiar to most folks as Fender is (or even Squier), as I recall Fuji Gen Gakki has been around making electric guitars since 1962 (they started in 1960 making violins and acoustic guitars) so these folks do in fact know what they are doing.

Again my '85 E series is an incredible guitar and I recently acquired a Fender MIJ Contemporary body of that same era and I have to say the quality and workmanship is certainly first rate on both.

The scratchplate is single layer and although you can't reallt tell by the pics, the knobs and pick-ups are yellowish/aged, which I read somewhere that they are actually supplied this way on some models [img][img] Yellow Peril/SFrontbody Strat Small.jpg[/img][/img]Well, I think I like it! And check out you're on a path that's beaten, it's not your path." Joseph Campbell "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." "All that is impossible remains to be achieved." Jules Verne look like any MIJ I have ever seen, looks more like a 90s MIM, but I can see Mad in Japan on the headstock and the T prefix... Its definitely not an 80s MIJ I can tell you that though Now you can see why I'm confused, but it plays really well and has that real strat tone.

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