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And I feel I should have been conferenced about this first.Is this mistake steep enough to warrant a termination? I followed all of the directions that I knew of, and this is no excuse but I am diagnosed with ADD, though I’m currently not receiving treatment for it.I ended up saying “balanced.” But it was really awkward to just say this, and then full stop. It puts people on the spot, it’s gimmicky, and it’s unlikely to produce particularly useful information.There doesn’t seem to be any room for further discussion when you’re only asked for one word. It felt vaguely like some sort of psychoanalytic test. There are so many more useful questions they could be asking instead that would get at what you’re actually like than a single word picked under pressure will (for example, “how would your coworkers describe you?Well, they think it’s enough to warrant dismissing you, and that’s their prerogative.

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As I was scrolling through the “see who else is in this network” list, I came upon an employee who works in the HR department of the company where I currently work.She is a recruiter and apparently a graduate of the same college as I.It is unclear if she is on this network as a recruiter for the company or if she is seeking an employment move away from our current company.So my recruiter told me that I was giving the clients the wrong information, and they had to backtrack and call all of these clients and notify them.

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My recruiter told that they got the impression that I don’t follow directions.Yes, she could do that, although it’s far from a sure thing that she would.

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