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Widespread across much of eastern North America, the Blue Jay calls Algonquin Park home in large numbers during winters of good natural food abundance.

In Algonquin Park, Blue Jays depend upon seeds like acorns, beaked hazel, and beechnuts.

Wild Turkey are a recent arrival in Algonquin Park.

First discovered in 2002 after successful reintroductions in other parts of the province, Wild Turkeys now spend summers and winters in Algonquin Park, with deep snow likely making for challenging foraging conditions for these more southern birds.

If you see a Hoary Redpoll please take a picture and contact us. The Black-capped Chickadee eats seeds and insects to survive the winter months and often forages together with nuthatches and Brown Creepers.

Chickadees have the ability to lower their body temperature at night to conserve energy.

Watch for Pine Siskins mixed in with flocks of American Goldfinches.

In recent weeks siskins have been observed at the Visitor Centre and picking up grit on Highway 60.

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Female birds are duller coloured showing a yellow-orange-olive colour with dark wings and two wing bars.Shrikes are often attracted to the activity at the Visitor Centre bird feeders in search of their next meal.

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