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My mind flashed back to when I was fucked hard like that, pounded, and used as a fuck-slut. “Come finish me off me,” Jagdish demanded, pulling out of her and getting out of the pool, his hard cock swaying like an elephant’s trunk, long and thick. He laid down on a lawn chair his cock standing completely erect.My cunt dampened in my panties at the thought of someday again being fucked hard like my son was fucking that bitch Joyeeta Wilkerson. ” Jagdish asked, although his tone implied he already knew the answer. Joyeeta got out of the pool completely naked and I saw what thousands of rupeess can do.Thankfully, it was dark and only my friend Kim noticed the white goo in my hair.The slut was back deep throating Jagdish, apparently trying to retrieve any last remnants of his cum.

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I should have pulled myself away from the window and watching my son getting head, I should have went downstairs and confronted him.

I knew without a doubt I was definitely submissive and liked being told what to do…I liked to please…to obey…to be a good bad girl…an oxymoron if there ever was one.

“All my holes are yours, baby,” she answered, sounding just like me all those years ago in my wild college days.

But he was the utmost gentleman and we always had rather bland sex.

I loved him unconditionally, but in the bedroom, I longed for more.I fell onto my son’s bed and brought myself to orgasm reminiscing about my slutty college days: my many lesbian encounters, my time as a submissive to my college roommate, my one black man, my one four-way (is that a gang bang? As my orgasm crashed through me, I envisioned my face being coated with cum by my son as I eagerly kept my mouth open from my submissive position on my knees.