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In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, Robert reveals: ‘Susan died in the fall of 1985.Pat, my ex-brother-in-law, he remarried five or six months after her death and the first time I heard my nephew call this other woman ‘mama’ was when I said ‘No – Susan can’t disappear’.Based on a true story: Robert Harling wrote Steel Magnolias following the death of his beloved sister Susan Robinson.An unknown Julia Roberts - pictured here with her on-screen son - played the character of Shelby, based on Susan 'Stubborn and wonderful': Robert Harling said he wrote all the qualities his sister Susan Robinson - on the left on her wedding day - possessed into the character of Shelby, played by newcomer Julia Roberts, then just 19His off-Broadway play became a hit and was then turned into a Hollywood blockbuster in 1989 starring Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley Maclaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis - and a young and unknown Julia Roberts, then just 19, who played Shelby, the character based on Susan.

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Steel Magnolias has been his way, he says, of keeping Susan alive for her son, now 31, about to marry for a second time this summer and living in Texas.’There will be people now who watch the film now who don’t know it was based on a true story’, muses Robert: ‘It’s really interesting and emotional and a nice journey to go back and revisit - 25 years is a long time.Sally Field and Tom Skerrit played her parents M'Lynn and Drum Eatenton, while Dylan Mc Dermott played her husband Susan was diagnosed with diabetes when she 12 and said ‘well, this isn’t going to stop me’, according to Robert.‘She wanted to be a majorette, so she made mama sew little pockets into her outfits so she could have candy, because her insulin would get all crazy on sweaty hot days.We are providing this Scientists and Inventions list in pdf format too.

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It is the image of a small, blonde-haired all-American boy beaming in the Easter sunshine that flashes up at the end of Hollywood classic Steel Magnolias – and stays with you long after the credits have rolled.Robert - who also has a younger brother called John - reminisces: ‘I had all these tumultuous times growing up with my dad and one time I remember it was around Christmas - we weren’t getting along at all – and Susan was really worried I was not going to give my father a Christmas present and she went out and got him one from me.’'My nephew told me 'Everyone likes me - I’m the only kid in my class whose mom’s been played by Julia Roberts’.

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