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11-Jun-2018 21:48

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Next customer, a little girl, was quickly hustled away after telling Santa that she wants 'a Barbie, unless the feminazis are going to take that away from me too!

The Santa, played by Kenan Thompson, struggled to do his job as a string of adorable moppets asked awkward questions about topical issues.'Is Roy Moore on your naughty list?

The girls then appear in a series of scenes showing them participating in selfies, coffee dates, shopping and going to the movies - stamps of popular activewear brands Lorna Jane, Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma appearing on screen throughout.

Comedian Steve Martin’s famous portrayal of King Tut on “Saturday Night Live” has suddenly come under fire by students at an ultra-liberal college in Oregon.

' The skit ended with the elf telling a little girl that 'I know that things seem particularly insane.

Like truly mind-bendingly insane, and we seem to have lost all perspective on what's naughty or nice.''I know, the girl said.“Some colleagues, including people of color, immigrants and those without tenure, found it impossible to work under these conditions.

So I (straight girl, mind you) watched as a buxom blonde poured oil all over her boobs. It has chicks with big – and usually natural – breasts.… continue reading »

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Only the Upper Triassic floras contain many specimens and taxa.… continue reading »

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Every minute or so, a sunbeam shines down from the Sun for an interesting effect.… continue reading »

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Initially, local government services were provided by Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire County Council.… continue reading »

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